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Welcome to Sunny Island

Chernomorets is the ideal place where you can benefit from clean beaches, tranquility and a cozy atmosphere close to nature and luxury.



On the southern edge of Burgas Bay, 24 kilometers from the city of Burgas, is the lovely village of Chernomorets. The town known by its former name, Saint Nicholas, derived from the same-named bay, is notable for its beautiful surroundings that blend with the breathtaking sea view and spectacular beach. The town has an amazing view of the island of St. Ivan, to which everyone who trusts Sunny Island with their vacation home has a panoramic view.

About us

Sunny Island

Sunny Island Development opens doors to complete comfort and luxury for the satisfactory experience of our clients. Our complexes are managed, designed, and built to the highest standards, giving our customers memorable holiday homes. We are accountable for managing the vacation homes and providing support throughout the full purchasing process, working hard to satisfy each and every need and opportunity of our clients.

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The Sunny Island complex is situated in Chernomorets, a charming and sunny town, just 20 kilometers south of Burgas and the historic city of Sozopol. With its distinctive setting on one of the last undeveloped stretches of Black Sea coastline, Sunny Island stands out. It looks out over the historic and gorgeous island of St. Ivan.


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