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Sunny Island

Sunny Island Development unlocks opportunities for complete comfort and luxury to its customers. Our activity stands out for high quality construction, innovative design and management of gated complexes. We provide our clients  more than just a property by the sea. We look after the management of the holiday homes and assist throughout the buying process, aiming to meet every requirement. In this way, our customers can count on a quality and relaxing holiday. The main activities of our company are the construction, sale and resale, maintenance of real estates and rentals. Here at Sunny Island, everyone will find exactly what they are looking for.

About us

Our history

We started our activity back in 2003, actively participating in the formation of the main criteria and requirements in the construction industry- quality, innovation, modern buildings in contemporary architectural style.

After more than 18 years of operation, we can affirm that we offer quality properties on the market.

Over the years, we have built objects that have managed to meet the demand and supply of real estate in the Chernomorets region. We build and offer high-end properties – a holiday properties, properties for year-round living, town and country houses, office and retail space. We have a modern office with the following activities:

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Sales

  • Rentals

  • Service and maintenance

Also, we work in successful partnerships with trusted real estate agencies.

We provide quality sales - directly from builder to the client. In this way, we make contact through all stages of the service- design, construction, certification of the transaction at the Notary. The handling of documents is carried out under high data protection criteria.

With industry-leading construction technology, we help our clients to invest smarter- from choosing the smallest detail to a fully finished property to their requirements. The Sunny Island complexes combine magnificent seafront views. They are surrounded by extensive grounds, covered with green and relaxation areas, outdoor pools and many more facilities.

You can count on stylish and luxurious furniture and relaxed atmosphere in the heart of the most unique place at the South Black sea coast. Our already completed buildings - Sunny Island, Sunny Island Deluxe, Sunny Island Panorama 1 & 2, are a mirror of our building expertise and innovative architecture. Our newest projects- Sunny Island Royal and Sunny Island Residence aim to combine the most desirable facilities for a relaxing getaway in any time of the year.

Near us
Each of our buildings is located near the fascinating "Simple beach", in "ECO CAMPING CHERNOMORETS", which takes your breath away with its unspoiled beauty and comfort. Apart from relaxation, the camping creates opportunities for activities with surfs and canoes. Enjoy delicious and quality food in two restaurants on the territory of the campsite - Turkish restaurant "Turquoise" and "Simple beach restaurant".

And what would complete your holiday? A Thai massage, of course. Welcome to the brand new five-star spa center "VICTORIA SPA", located 30m. from our buildings, in the complex "Flores Garden". Asian treatments, professional massages, a thermal area with herbal and Finnish sauna, steam bath, Turkish bath, salt room and a modern gym are waiting for you there. The fitness center of  "Victoria Spa" offers high-quality Technogym equipment, professional air conditioning and ventilation system, internet screens, music sound system. A vitamin bar, fitness supplements and smoothies are also available at the spa. The opening hours are every day from 08:00 - 21:00. And if you have decided to take care of your look,  „Victoria Spa“ hair salon is waiting for you! It is managed by the company MAGAMA - a leader in the hairdressing, hair extension and wig manufacturing industry. It also offers a wide range of beauty services, manicure and pedicure.

Take your time, relax your senses and combine the treatments with a refreshing drink and a luxurious experience.

The impressive Chernomorets

Chernomorets is located 24 km southeast from Burgas city, on the southern shore of Burgas Bay. It is situated in a kind of hollow by the shore. St. Nicholas Bay gave its name to the settlement, as until 1951 Chernomorets was called St. Nicholas. For ideological reasons the name was changed, but after the political changes in the late 1980s it was not restored. To the East of Chernomorets are Sozopol and the island of St. Ivan. The small sea town has a total of four beaches, each different from another.

One of the attractions of Chernomorets is the Garden of Paradise and the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas Church was established in 1858 on the site of the oldest chapel in the village of St. Nicholas. The construction of the temple is linked to a local legend, which tells of a group of Greek sailors who were shipwrecked in the Sozopol Bay, but were saved thanks to the icon of St. Nicholas, which they carried with them. Before leaving, the sailors left the icon for the locals to preserve, and later built the temple dedicated to the saint.

According to the memories of the locals, the icon was discovered by a resident of the town, buried at the healing water spring in the courtyard of the temple, where the chapel "St. Panteleimon the Healer" was built. Today, the icon protects the town and its inhabitants and continues to perform its miracles for the faithful and can be seen in the temple.

 Chernomorets is the perfect place where you can enjoy clean beaches and a cozy atmosphere, close to nature and fitted in luxury. We strive to encourage not only holiday stays but also year-round visits for our clients.

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